Claiming the World’s largest mountain range (the Himalayas), might be what put Nepal on the tourism map, but visitors to this spectacular country can expect much more than snow capped mountains.

Nepal’s landscape is remarkable. Magnificent protected areas of lush green national parkland fringed with snowy peaks stretch the centre of the country. Glassy lakes reflecting nature in perfect symmetry can be found in peaceful spots, within thriving communities. Wildlife parks remain home to some of the World’s rarest animals. But it is the combination of slow pace, kind locals and picturesque beauty that makes Nepal a standout destination.

Visitors can expect to feel welcomed and at ease, taking in local city life, visiting UNESCO Heritage sites, learning about interesting traditions, and exploring the natural beauty of Nepal.

For the traveller with a love of nature, sense of exploration and peaceful vibe, Nepal will be your best experience yet.

Weather you’re interested in travelling for a short period of time, or a longer duration that encompasses neighbouring countries like India, we would be thrilled to take care of you.

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