Don’t you just love that travel has become so accessible and hassle free that the World really is our oyster? Choose a culture to explore, a landscape to admire, an animal to learn about or a space to simply chill at and with the appropriate level of foresight there is the ability to experience it.


Each year a selected range of destinations make it to an imagined up, yet coveted list of best destinations. Based on a matrix of rising tourism and trending fascination a handful of destination received their 12 months of glory in every glossy magazine and online publication read by inspired travellers. The truth is, weather a destination is publicly acknowledged or silently desired, our individual best destinations in 2019 list is by far most powerful.


We’ve moved away from the grain slightly by compiling a best destinations in 2019 list that offers something for all travel preferences. If your unique list is at the foresight stage, be sure to reach out!

The family vacation



I think we all agree that family vacations need that perfect combination of peaceful adult time that invites opportunities to unwind from the chaos, yet bountiful playtime activities to ensure the kids pass out at the end of the day. Lombok ticks both these boxes and plenty more.


Slightly off the coast of Bali in Indonesia is the island of Lombok with 3 small sibling islands perched closely beside. An island which through the extra efforts of travelling offshore from Bali, misses the riff-raff and makes up for in beauty. Lombok is mostly famous for the efforts made by the government services to replenish turtle population around Indonesia and visitors to Lombok will have plenty of opportunities to swim with the prehistoric marine while swimming directly from the shore.


Picture slow pace island life, idyllic white sandy beaches and turquoise ocean with water activities like snorkelling and paddle boarding. Now imagine the traditional Indonesian culture permeating through in the architecture of temples and monuments centred around a lush green island. Lombok is impressive to say the least.


What sets Lombok apart for a family holiday is that while the kids are splashing around with marine life, exploring the underwater world parents are kicking back in paradise without the hustle and bustle that comes with other destinations. Lombok is peaceful but far from boring.


Keep the kids happy after a long international flight and stop off at Waterbomb park in Bali en-route to Lombok, and you’ll have a completley balanced family holiday that will come with memories to last a lifetime.

The couples Escape




Not all couples want to spend a well deserved break doing little more than gazing into each others eyes beneath the heat of the day’s sun. Exploring as a couple, making memories together and having downtime to simply enjoy one anothers personalities can be a truly rewarding relationship experience. That’s why we have picked Italy.


Who says that to visit Italy you must include a complete European O.E and be away from home for at least a year? Italy is deserving of it’s own glory with a few week’s hiring a car and road tripping around the best sights from the famous colosseum in Rome through to the romantic coastline of Cinque Terre. Ride gondola’s in Venice, eat pizza by the Trevi fountain, wander the streets of Milan and explore the remains of Pompeii; What the energy of Italy delivers, a couples bond dissipates.


Expect to be excited, busy and free all in one experience. Italy will captivate, inspire and intrigue; who better to share those emotions with that your loved one?

The Solo Adventure




Too often a solo adventure needs to prioritise safety and security over preferred destination but Nepal delivers on all accounts. For the solo adventurer, Nepal is a perfect destination.


From the moment travellers set foot in Kathmandu – the countries gateway – there is a sense of feeling like a part of the family. That’s because Nepalese locals are attuned to the spirit of people, enjoy the value tourism brings to their country, and they exude a calm attitude among them. For solo travellers, this is a valuable commodity.


Begin by exploring by foot the maze of streets in Kathmandu. While busy and bustling, travellers can enjoy wandering without feeling hassled or pressured; simply be. Select any type of adventure from trekking Annapurna or Everest to exploring Lumbini or Chitwan and know that locals are keen to put you at ease while you embrace some of the most spectacular backdrops in the World.


A solo adventure to Nepal needn’t be grand or lengthy; a simple 10 day trip wandering the best parts slowly, chatting to fellow travellers or locals and taking time for yourself would be a brilliant way to enjoy Nepal too.

The Friends’ Trip




Increasingly popular is the holiday style that includes a group of your closest friends enjoying a combination of exploring, beachside relaxing and restaurant hopping; friends who travel together stay together after all!


The beauty of Thailand is the rich culture, unparalleled hospitality, inexpensive luxuries, entertainment and landscape. A winning combination for a friends trip.


Start with a night in Bangkok to acclimatise with the chaos and enjoy the colours, smells, and explosion of energy. Then head down to your favourite island where you won’t need a car for the duration of your holiday; simply explore underwater marine life through the day, put your feet up at a beach bar for the afternoon, and wash a Thai curry down with a change beer in the evening.


Words by @alexchasingdreams