Fiji Travel Guide


A collection of mini islands each with an individual charm, Fiji is an idyllic holiday paradise for all travellers. Accessed easily by Nadi international airport and with options to maximise holiday time by staying on the mainland or darting off somewhere that offers a sense of remote island getaway, Fiji certainly has plenty of options.

Resort living, boat lifestyle, surf trips, family time or romantic bliss, make your Fiji experience everything you dreamed of and more. With so many islands to choose from you’ll want to check you have the right destination for your dream holiday though. There is nothing more inconvenient than arriving at what you thought was going to be to-die-for swimming only to find the waters strewn with surfers or expecting a memorable family holiday only to find cosy couples everywhere. Don’t worry, with this Fiji travel guide you can plan white sandy shores and turquoise Fijian oceans, whatever your travel style.

Here’s your complete Fiji travel guide:

Fiji Mainland: Nadi & Denerau

Nadi airport is the gateway to Fiji for International travellers and the international airport is a convenient 15km distance from the popular resort area of Denarau.

Denarau is popular mostly due to it’s gated community of high end resorts such as The Hilton, Raddison, Best Western and Sheraton. Each of these magnificent resorts come complete with everything you and your family need to enjoy a poolside holiday; restaurants, kids clubs, pools, bars, water activities like paddle boarding. What Denarau lacks in idyllic ocean time, it makes up for ten fold in resort paradise.

From the gated Denarau resort area a free shuttle leaves every 15 to 30 minutes to take guests the short distance to Denarau Marina. Here you will find a handful of lively restaurants, bars and boutiques. Although a small marina, the variety creates an added dimension to a resort Fijian holiday. From the marina too is an assortment of boats and businesses that can take travellers to the popular and picturesque Fijian Islands for day trips.

The beauty of a Denarau holiday is convenience. Everything travellers need for a stay-put with a book and relax style holiday is available and because resorts are close to the airport, holiday time is maximised.

Yasawa Islands

In Fijian language Yasawa is one of the words for “heaven” and this collection of heavenly islands are exactly that. There are a few resorts on the islands to choose from with Paradise Cove Resort and Yasawa Island Resort and Spa being two of the most popular. The latter is of the all-inclusive variety with 4 star accommodation and plenty of idyllic beach action. Paradise Cove Resort features 3 swimming pools, private buses, snorkelling with manta ray excursions and the additional offer of sea plan transfers from Nadi International airport if you prefer instant access rather than waiting for limited schedule of ferry access.

While the Yasawa Islands are close to one another guests selection will come down to resort preference; the paradise surroundings don’t differ much between the islands.


Isn’t it an exceptional idea to have an island that simply serves as a day resort? Malamala Beach Club is a World’s first. No sleeping accommodation available, Malamala is the exclusive venue on the island where guests travel for a day of non-motorised water activities (snorkelling, kayaking, paddle boarding), ocean swimming, whiling the time away in a lazy sun chair or hammock, or enjoying music and party atmosphere at the beach bar. For those staying at one of Denarau resorts, Malamala is the perfect addition for a day excursion to paradise and transfers conveniently depart each morning at Denarau Marina

Musket Cove

400 acres of private island packed with hiking trails and surrounded by idyllic Fijian beach; musket Cove is an idyllic resort style holiday. With it’s own marina, access is easy from Denarau marina and much like other islands in Fiji, Musket Cove is likely to be one that you reach and elect not to leave for the duration of your stay. Snorkelling, Walks, Fijian cultural shows, game fishing and of course lazying about in a beach chair are all part of the fun at Musket Cove Resort, although perhaps a place best left to couples; romance and peaceful times is always valuable.


The all inclusive resort island is made for surfers. Cloudbreak and Restaurants are all accessed from Tavarua and was once home to the World Surfing Tour. Packages are for either surfer or non surfer, include surfing transport where needed, transfers from mainland to Tavarua, all meals and accommodation. Availability is strictly from Sunday to Sunday so week long stays at Tavarua are the only option. You’ll be based on an idyllic Fijian island complete with long stretches of white sandy shore and clear turquoise ocean that is completely swimmable too. Made with surf culture in mind, Tavarua’s accommodation is designed to include guests in a completely casual format with games like ping pong all part of the action. If you or your travel buddy are surf crazy and between bouts of surfing you enjoy lazing about on the sand reading a book between dips in the Luke warm ocean, this is a smart island choice. While excursions from Tavarua can easily be arranged, this is more the holiday that is designed for guests t reach the island and not move for 7 days straight.

Treasure Island

Essentially a version of Tavarua but for families instead of surfers, Treasure Island is an island with one resort on it. Catering to families, honeymooners and couples the 4 star resort is another one stop shop for a perfect Fijian holiday. You’ll fly into Nadi international airport and be collected by Treasure Island staff – no matter when you arrive – and take a boat form the mainland to begin your resort holiday the same day you arrive. This is a fairly big draw card because it avoids the hassle of spending a night on Denarau at either end of international flights Treasure Island guests can maximise their holiday time.

One of the things that makes Treasure Island so popular is it’s kids club which is testament to the true family holiday feel of Treasure Island. There’s no shortage of activities either from water sports to sandbar picnics and with a three tiered pool there is plenty of enjoyable to be had poolside.

Perhaps one of the things Treasure Island does better than Denarau is the beach. The white sandy shore is wider and longer and the ocean is more clear and pleasant for swimming

Words by alexchasingdreams