We know how easy it is to book your own travel online, and we know only too intimately why this isn’t always a good idea. Here are 12 reasons why you should have a travel agent take care of your booking, and some reasons might surprise you. (Spoiler alert: travel agents aren’t the bad guys).

  1. Access to more airline schedules and routes

Because travel agents have direct access to booking platforms we have the ability to search flights across countless carriers, all in one go. For you, that means more available options for your journey that you can’t necessarily access yourself.

  1. Reduced risk ticketing

Ever wondered how flight crew know to expect you, when your previous flight was delayed? That’s because your connecting flights have been ticketed together. Travel agents have the ability to do this for you, which means when your flight is delayed or a schedule changes, the knock-on impact is minimized.

  1. Direct access to your booking

With direct access to your booking, travel agents have the ability to make changes, pronto. Let’s say your flight is cancelled; when booking directly with the airline or through an online platform, you’ll probably need to wait in a long phone queue with all the other passengers on your flight, to fix the issue. But a travel agent has the ability to go into your booking directly and make amendments. For you, that means a brief phone call or email to your travel agent and your issue can be resolved, with minimal stress to you.

  1. Great value for your hard-earned dollar

Your travel agent takes care of your booking, and will look to source the best option to suit your specific needs. Should anything unforeseen occur during your trip your personal travel manager will be there to assist. We give you that degree of comfort you seek particularly in the current environment.  We may not always be as cheap as booking online but the tailored offering you will receive from a dedicated personal travel manager is vastly superior

  1. It’s important that you have an incredible trip

Travel agents genuinely care that your trip matches your expectations. When that happens you’re more likely to rebook your next holiday with them, right? Care factor is what makes working with people valuable!

  1. It’s not about free travel

It might be a surprise to know that travel agent’s motivation is not free travel. We actually enjoy – like really, truly, enjoy – planning and booking holidays for other people to enjoy. There is a lot of satisfaction in creating pure joy for a person!

  1. Access to more suppliers

When you’re hunting for your perfect holiday, you are most likely forced to scroll through numerous websites hunting for that particular hotel or tour that you had in mind. But travel agent’s have access to countless suppliers for every destination and trip style. We learn which ones are better suited to particular travellers, and the individual features of each option. That means that when you show a travel agent your idea, they can present your short list right away, leaving you with the fun stuff: selecting your preference.

  1. Travel agents do the hard work for you (searching)

It takes a lot of time searching flights, accommodation and tours. Well, at least it does for the public. We save you time by searching on your behalf, using our efficient and advanced platforms.

  1. Travel agents do the hard work for you (amending)

When things go wrong. Travel agents fix them for you. When things go so right that you want to extend your trip. We take care of that too. You just sit back and enjoy the trip.

  1. More heads are better than one

Even those travel agents who operate as sole traders have a team behind them to share expert knowledge. Whether it’s with colleagues who specialise in different destinations, or established relationships with suppliers; there is plenty of intel to work on your specific travel destination.

  1. TAANZ protects you

Because there is no government licensing for travel agent’s in New Zealand, The Travel Agents’ Association of New Zealand (TAANZ) represents travel agent, travel broker and tour operator distribution system in New Zealand. For you, the traveller, when you are working with a TAANZ licensed travel agent then you are protected financially and ethically.

  1. We are genuine, like you

We make a living built on relationship building. We are genuine, caring, honest and authentic. We’re just like you; sister’s, brothers, Mothers, daughters and friends.

Words by: Alex Myall